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Every year in Canada, over 375 000 children are forced to face the ripple effects of losing a parent to prison. Sadly, the multifaceted impact of having an incarcerated parent is devastating and children often have to endure this traumatic experience without support from their community. In fact, following parental imprisonment, the majority of children are faced with a myriad of challenges including; family instability, economic insecurity, societal stigmatization as well as a compromised self-esteem, trust, and sense of security alone. Consequently, these children are at-risk for several adverse outcomes from dropping out of school, to poor mental health and delinquency. Despite the growing number of children affected across the country, the resources available are virtually non-existent.

However, Fostering, Empowering, Advocating, Together (FEAT) for Children was developed to address this desperate need and support the forgotten children and youth affected by parental incarceration. Currently, we are the only organization in Canada dedicated to providing supportive programming tailored to the unique needs of the innocent children left behind. Our supportive programs aim to foster self-esteem, facilitate resilience, and empower these at-risk children to overcome adversity and embrace a brighter future. From our after-school mentoring programs to our family visitation program and empowerment retreats, our supportive programs have shown to be effective in improving the psychological, social and educational outcomes of our children and youth since 2012.

Our Strengthening Families program is a new holistic, strengths-based and family-centered initiative aimed at strengthening the entire family unit and building resilience through literacy, peer support, and fostering positive parent-child relationships for children and families affected by parental incarceration across Canada. Specifically, our trained volunteers and staff will audio record parents who are currently separated from their children to read stories chosen by the child and parent together. Recordings along with new storybooks will be mailed to children from coast to coast throughout the year which will provide the opportunity for children to read along with their parents. To further support the family unit, our initiative will provide accessible individualized support 7 days a week for youth, caregivers and incarcerated parents in Canada through a texting and phone line as well an online support group for caregivers to access resources, share and learn strategies to support their children and families and receive positive peer support. Overall, our project will serve to support the under-served needs of our children and families across our country by enabling opportunities to build, strengthen, and celebrate positive parent-child relationships while learning literacy skills, promoting resilience and fostering the entire family unit to thrive.

Our programs have won the approval of our local, national, and international communities. However, we need the support of our community to help FEAT develop and provide a new holistic program supporting some of the most vulnerable children and families in our country.

On behalf of the children, families and communities that benefit from our supportive programs, we would like to thank AVIVA for allowing us an opportunity to enter the Community Fund Competition. With the help of compassionate Canadians we can provide these forgotten victims of crime the support they need in their feat to rise above adversity and build a brighter future.

Every child deserves the support they need to thrive.

Early support is key.

Please help us make a difference as our children will shape tomorrow’s world.

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FEAT for Children of Incarcerated Parents

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