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We have been growing as an organization, especially in the area of our community suppers. We now provide free community suppers on both Mondays and Saturdays, which are comprised of 16 different teams from within our county. They have been very gracious and patient with the limited kitchen space and resources. Being able to finish our community kitchen with the proper equipment and space, will make serving suppers for our volunteer teams much safer and efficient. The more efficient we can make it for people to volunteer with us the greater the likelihood they will want to continue serving with us for the long haul and enjoy doing so.
We have a space that is 20' 4" by 26' that would make a great kitchen space for our teams to work and prepare meals in. Our current kitchen size is 7" 7" by 22" 7". Our supper teams serve between 45-75 people twice a week and on special occasions (Thanksgiving & Christmas) they serve between 100-150.
Having a larger and better equipped kitchen facility will be huge asset to the work they do.
Thank-you so much for helping us better serve the needs of our county together.

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