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"So All Kids Can Play" project will help low income families enroll their children in organized sports. This project will fund up to $400/child in 2019 to families who qualify under our income guidelines. Any organized sporting activity that provides instruction to children and gets them physically active is eligible for funding. There is an application process the family has to follow and supply proof of their financial limitations. Our board will review the applications monthly and approve funding for those children who qualify.

The KidSport goal is to ensure that all kids have the opportunity to achieve physical, social, intellectual and moral development through participation in structured sports programs. Physical activity and sport participation prevent a lot of problems on the front end that the health care system and other charities deal with on the back end. It is common knowledge that it is cheaper and more efficient to prevent problems than it is to deal with them later when they have grown. At KidSport, we have the opportunity to be on the right side of this equation. We believe KidSport just makes sense – because it is preventable health care; because it teaches kids life skills, helps them make friends, and opens doors for them in the future. Getting kids active by participating in sports is preventing issues that the health care system has to deal with down the road. Active kids become active adults who are less of a burden on the health care system. Sport’s challenges can teach children the value of honesty, practice, hard work and positive thinking. The KidSport program exists “SO ALL KIDS CAN PLAY!”

The youth in our community will become our future teachers, doctors, business owners, etc. and the skills they will learn by participating in sports will position them to be successful , hard working adults in our city. We believe that through participation in organized sport activities, kids learn the values of cooperation, team play, commitment to goals, personal excellence, healthy competition and self esteem. No child should be denied this opportunity because of financial limitations.

Our project will benefit our community by developing life long skills for our children to carry forward into their adulthood. Receiving $10,000.00 from the Aviva Community Fund would position KidSport Fort Saskatchewan to successfully fund all the qualified applicants who apply to us in 2019.

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