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Many provinces’ medical system takes care of individuals with disabilities, by providing equipment and services. Unfortunately, BC falls short on meeting the equipment needs of individuals. It empowers individuals to achieve their full potential as contributing members of society. In one of our recent surveys on medical mobility equipment, 95% of respondents selected that equipment is “vitally important: I can’t live without it. I am dependent on it for getting around.”
There is limited funding for individuals to purchase equipment, with little to no support to maintain the functionality costs associated with maintaining the safety and reliability of their assistive devices.
Mobility Equipment Repair Association (MERA) is a new venture that emerged through the Fraser Valley Health Summit meetings to address the health issues of seniors in our community. Since January 2018, we are committed to provide everyone, especially seniors, the opportunity to maintain their mobility.
Our first step to address this need is at a localized level through a pilot project for the residents of Langley. Through MERA, the goal is not to take business from the current suppliers, but to work with them to help address the needs of our population.
Our vision is a new way to tackle this community issue, by delivering repair services in innovative manner. This event would be a drop-in repair clinic in a community centre setting at a community event.
In conclusion there are so many broken pieces of mobility equipment and as a result so many people who have lost their mobility because they cannot afford to fix ithem. We would like to change those dynamics.
This is a pilot project of an innovative way to repair equipment quickly and efficiently at a lower cost.

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