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Being a mother to infants and young children can be stressful, isolating and exhausting. Moms sometimes find themselves lost between who they were before babies, and who they are afterwards. Add post-partum depression, physical illness, multiple births, or a family tragedy into the equation and the result can be devastating.

The moms who need our support come from a broad range of backgrounds and situations. They may be facing a life threatening illness or cancer diagnoses in the family, or be new immigrants to Calgary or Canada without a community to rely on. They are moms with postpartum depression or moms leaving situations of abuse. They may have lost their job or a spouse. And it isn’t always bad things that bring our clients to us. The birth of multiple children is a wonderful thing, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard to come home from the hospital with two or even three newborn babies. We are here to support all of these moms and more.

One mom wrote to share her experience with us. “I was hit by the worst tragedy of my life and this group helped me in ways that I will never be able to thank them. It’s amazing that I could not have gotten through a really tough part without them. The kids and I are forever grateful!”

Every week we hear from mothers asking us for help. They are going through parenthood alone and in need of support. Our BIG idea is to create a safe, warm, caring place for mothers to gather and create friendships that will sustain them through their parenting journey. Our clients tell us the wholesome meals, kind words and helping hands our volunteers provide make a huge difference in their lives.

We know that #BetterTogether works!

Our volunteers do an amazing job of building a sense of community in the homes of our clients, but we know that the community needs more! The families need a space to come together; a space without barriers or judgement; a space to build connections; a space to help families become stronger. With the Aviva Community Fund can make that a reality.

Made by Momma’s BIG IDEA is to build #1MoreStory – to transform our existing resource centre to add a dedicated room for building community. This space will make it possible for families from all over the city to finally have the opportunity to connect, learn and support one another.

In addition to providing desperately needed program space, having a new community room on the second floor of our building will allow us to host a variety of events and programs aimed at building community and fostering connections. Having a space to bring these mothers together to share and learn from one another has always been a goal of ours, and with the help of the Aviva Community Fund, we can make this a reality.

Some of the programs we will be able to offer in our new community space include:
• Parenting Networking Events
• Supportive Group Connections
• Post-Partum Depression Groups
• Family Health and Nutrition Education
• Meals Program for at-risk Children
• Student Training, Research and Facilitation
• Prenatal, Lactation and Child Sleep Education
• Child CPR & First Aid Courses
• Positive Parenting Education
• Budgeting and Financial Literacy Courses
• Time and space for mothers to come together to share and create deeper community connections

Like all of Made by Momma’s services, these programs will be offered free of charge and be open to any mom who reaches out in need of support.

$100,000 from the Aviva Community Fund would be transformational to our community. This funding would provide for all the necessary components including furniture, children’s play area, accessible washroom, and a shared technology hub.

#1MoreStory is within reach and with your vote we can be #BetterTogether!

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