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New Hope Community Bikes (NHCB) is a cycle education charity that works to eliminate the barriers to cycling and active transportation through providing access to affordable refurbished bikes, providing Do-It-Yourself workspace, workshops and knowledgeable staff and volunteers. Over the ten years we have been operating, NHCB has grown from a dimly lit space in a former night club with a couple of donated bike tools and stands; to a provincial leader in cycling education with over 1,200 students per year being taught safe cycle skills in local schools. What started as a load of 100 donated bikes 10 years ago, has flourished into over 4000 refurbished bikes to date.

A visible, welcoming, storefront property has been one of the keys to the organizations' success and we are beginning a new chapter with the purchase of a new storefront. NHCB has operated out of 5 locations in 10 years and is finally settling into a new longterm home. A mortgage from the Hamilton Community Foundation has allowed us to purchase a new storefront that is three times larger than our current location, more accessible and will allow us to host larger workshops, have more drop in workspaces open during peak months and more volunteer opportunities.

With ‘community’ being a central part of our name we believe that is important to build up our community in everything we do. We strive to do this through: attending community events and offering free bike repairs, hosting bike rodeos at neighbourhood festivals, planning annual cycling events that help to build an inclusive cycling community, and providing a space where everyone, regardless of skill level and experience, can feel welcome, encouraged and empowered to learn new skills and become a part of the cycling community.

Jeff Neven, the co-founder of NHCB has said many times that, “bicycles are my preferred mechanism for building relationships.” A physical space is crucial to our success in building these relationships and reaching our potential as a community hub. Cycling for us at New Hope, is a way to connect neighbourhoods, a way to give freedom and mobility to people of all ages, a way for people to live healthier more active lives and a way to reduce our environmental impact by taking fewer trips in the car.

We need the help of the Aviva Community Fund to make our community space a vibrant hub of cycling activity in Hamilton. Our community space will feature a large harvest table, usually found at restaurants, where people can gather while waiting for a bike repair, holding cycle advocacy meetings, or planning the next big cycling event in the city of Hamilton. This dedicated space at the forefront of our shop will be a gathering space before and after group rides and a place for building relationships. When it’s time to get hands dirty we will have space to do that too; we will be outfitting 9 workstations with basic bike repair tools and 1 workstation with every tool imaginable for bike repair. These tools will provide year round access to specialized tools that are required to keep a bike running as smooth as possible at a pay-what-you-can rental rate of $0-5/hr. In addition, for those fearless cyclists that ride year-round regardless of the weather conditions, we will be installing a bike wash station— basically a walk in shower for bikes—where they can get the salt and grime off their bikes and prolong the life of their bike.

Finally, we want our community hub to stand out in the neighbourhood. Our current location has a full wall mural painted by a local Hamilton artist, but unfortunately we can’t take it with us when we move. We want to commission a new mural by a Hamilton artist to commemorate our new space and highlight our vision: Building Community through Bicycles. This mural will cover the back of our new building and make our shop a waypoint on the multi-use pipeline trial that bisects the neighbourhood.

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