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Millions of Canadians experience food insecurity on a daily basis, leading to an unfortunate cycle where they are caught between limited quantities of barely edible food and staying hungry for another day. Yet in our own communities approximately 31 billion dollars of food ends up in landfills and composters, food that could have been used to feed the hungry and malnourished mouths of millions. Our team at Enactus Ryerson wants to bridge the gap between food insecurity and wastage in Toronto.

Our proposal is to take fruits and vegetables that are deemed unfit by big chain grocers purely due to the aesthetics of the produce. These are bountiful fruits & vegetables that are tossed out before they even make it to the store front but it’s what’s on the inside that matters right? So we will be creating wholesome, freshly squeezed and nutritious juices. Utilizing the unappealing fruits and vegetables along with cold press technologies, we are able to extract the most amount of nutrients from the produce and create delicious juice recipes!

But we are not gonna stop there, the juices that we make will go to youth in Toronto who need it the most. We want to work with local Toronto District School Boards Schools as well as the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada to focus on feeding the future of our communities. By bringing together these youth, we can promote the value of nutritional foods & diets, as well educate the community on food wastage and how we can reduce it!

This projects will bring together students, families, and members of school districts to teach about the importance of healthy nutrition and the unknown effects a bad diet can cause. The brain is a platform that is affected by the food that we consume each and everyday. We understand that certain dietary interventions are related to a number of mental health challenges that communities face By investing in the youth of our communities and educating them on the importance of nutrition, we can help them better understand how the human body works and how to take the most out of their daily intake

But we here an Enactus Ryerson want to our initiative another step further. To help us make and deliver the juices we’ll be hiring a considerable number of individuals from marginalized communities not only to expand the business but provide active employment. Furthermore to expand their horizons we will be educating them on the importance of entrepreneurship and it’s viability as a career path. Finally to bring together communities even further we will be hosting farmers markets providing neighbourhoods with even more options for obtaining extra income.

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