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Description :

The "Field of Dreams", "a multi use outdoor area", approximately 80 meters by 80 meters, will bring our community together by providing a level area to play a number of different sports from soccer, baseball, football and skating to providing a space for a play structure or just a play area for families and friends holding gatherings, picnics, playgroups, etc..

Many years in the past there had been a "Tatlock Baseball Team'. WIth many younger families moving to the area, this cleared and flat surface would provide an ideal site to encourage baseball - an already popular sport in the community.

It will also provide a safe site for emergency landing for the air ambulance. The Fire Department is adjacent to the site. The newly relocated and renovated Tatlock Hall is also located here. The Hall has continued to be used more and more by the community for family events and special occasions such as weddings and showers. We have hosted The Festival of Small Halls for two years. Tatlock Hall puts on fund raisers for the hall and St. Peter's Church. It also host weekly euchre parties for the Friendship Club. It is a "central site" that will be part of the hub of the community of Tatlock. The nearest playground is over 30 kms away.

Robb's Lake Beach is located 200 meters from the proposed site and attracts many visitors from outside the community.

This site also fronts on the Lanark County Forestry that already has great hiking and ATV trails. The Cub Scouts have used Tatlock Hall as a central location to do weekend adventures.

This surprisingly relatively flat area needs some landscaping including levelling, backfill, topsoil, cultivating and seeding to make it a user friendly area fo the community.

The community is willing to work together, fund raise and do what it can to make this a successful project with the help of the Aviva Community Fund.

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Tatlock Hall Association (Sports Organization), Township of Lanark Highlands

Emplacement : 696 Concession Road 7, Lanark Highlands, ON, Canada