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Animals make our lives, homes, neighbourhoods and communities safer, healthier and happier. This project is improving life for people through uplifting interactions with animals.

The Regional Animal Protection Society Cat Sanctuary, located in Richmond, B.C., is Canada’s only no-kill cat sanctuary – and one of the largest in North America. Home to hundreds of mostly unadoptable cats who, in other jurisdictions, might have faced euthanasia, the RAPS Cat Sanctuary is a loving, forever home where formerly feral, abandoned, abused, surrendered or at-risk cats live out their natural lives surrounded by all the medical care, feline company and human companionship they need and want.

The sanctuary plays a vital role in the lives of thousands of humans in Metro Vancouver and beyond. Thousands of volunteers and visitors each year enjoy interacting with sanctuary residents. While cats who seek solitude have plenty of places where they can avoid human contact, the hundreds of cats who crave human affection luxuriate in the pets, rubs, cuddles and comfort of visitors, who include:

- School groups, who learn about the responsibilities and privileges of companion animals and the importance of respecting non-human beings;

- Families, who enjoy the company of hundreds of feline friends;

- Volunteers, who allow RAPS to deliver individualized care to the hundreds of cats, devoting thousands of hours annually that allow RAPS to perform small miracles on small budgets;

- Persons with developmental, physical and emotional disabilities that are ameliorated by interactions with animals and other people;

- Seniors, who find meaning, purpose and socialization in visiting and/or volunteering with animals and people;

- People who are unable to have companion animals in their homes – a particular challenge in the Metro Vancouver housing market, where affordable accommodation is scarce and animal-friendly housing is even more rare.

The RAPS Cat Sanctuary is part of the “RAPS Model” of no-kill animal care, a sustainable model that includes the City of Richmond Animal Shelter, the not-for-profit RAPS Animal Hospital, a vast fostering network and two social enterprise thrift stores. The RAPS Model will be codified and shared with no-kill animal-serving agencies across Canada and worldwide to save and improve lives because we believe that where an animal lives should not determine whether an animal lives.

Canada’s Cat Sanctuary Visitor Experience Project will improve the safety and accessibility of the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, ensuring a more pleasant and safe experience for the thousands of people who benefit from animal interactions every year.

This project, based on engagement with and feedback from stakeholders, including Tourism Richmond, will include:

Extended hours of operation for public visitation;

Improved protections for visitors in the event of inclement weather;

More frequent, standardized tours for visitors;

Structural improvements to the buildings, egresses/ingresses, walkways and other facilities to enhance safety for visitors and residents, and reduce potential hazards;

Comprehensive curricula around the roles animals play in improving the lives and health of humans, as well as awareness about safety around animals, the importance of spaying/neutering on animal overpopulation, and benefits and responsibilities of pet ownership and animal-human interactions;

Enhanced online, face-to-face and hard copy communications to support learning and emphasizing physical and emotional benefits for visitors;

A reservations system to maximize the number of visitors while minimizing potential disruption to the lives of residents;

Improved signage to make access to the facility clearer;

Reorganization of parking area to maximize access, convenience and safety for visitors.

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