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Our vision is to renovate our tennis court facilities towards use as a broader multi-purpose court. We believe such a facility will provide easy access to a wide range of user groups and where all ages will benefit. The user groups would cover sports like basketball, tennis, ball hockey, and pickleball, thus creating a vibrant space for everyone to gather, play and learn.
We will take our present tennis court (3 layouts) and place a Mateflex court system over the current court to create a highly visible and enhanced appearance. This surface will have a long useful life and be safe for all users. Lights would be installed to expand the daily use across all seasons. In partnership with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board and the Waterloo Region Catholic School Foundation, we hope to expand this groups to partner with Aviva to help finance the project.

The Multi-purpose court will allow for community members to come and make use of the courts during the day, outside of periodic day time school use, during the evening and on weekends. Over the past 17 years we have seen many members of the community use the tennis courts in the evening on weekends. By providing court layouts for pickleball, we believe this can attract an older generation of community members, for whom that sport is growing. Local youth would be attracted to the basketball court layout and for ball hockey which completes the offering of something for a very wide range of ages and games within our community.
We will work with community partners to create a vibrant and inclusive destination for individuals and families to engage in active learning and ‘play for life’. The support of our grant will allow youth that cannot afford summer programs the opportunity to still recreate. We believe there is a significant value opportunity here to provide a diverse, inclusive, accessible, safe, sustainable, multipurpose court to individuals and families. This will be a place for everyone. We see St. Mary’s as the hub of our growing community, and we hope to leverage from our natural community partners which include the Kitchener Public Library branch attached to our school, the Family and Children Services campus, the Activa Sports Complex and the Peter Hallman Ballyard, all of which are in sight and easy walking distance of our proposed Multi-purpose court. With your support, we will provide the means to add to a healthy and active community.

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