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We Grow Food is “A” Link In The Food Chain Build a Green House to grow food with the theme of “We Are “A” Link In The Food Chain”. AVIVA Community Fund is linking Canada’s communities from coast to coast. Because, We are Better Together. At this time there is No Community Green House in Oshawa where people can come and learn and plant and get their hands dirty. We want to build on the incredible We Grow Food spaces that already exist by building one and extending our growing potential!
Our Mission: We Grow Food is a grassroots organization that promotes the importance of growing our own food and reconnecting community members to each other and their natural food source.
Why we need to constantly grow: We Grow food has 5 neighbourhood gardens that have been planted and maintained each year since 2013. Our Website: Currently we are impacting over 350 families that use the garden for food and an estimated total of 5900 people that visited the gardens and used the programming last year. The green house will allow us to get a head start on the germination & growth of seedlings so that they are continuously ready for planting every two weeks. This means that the beds will never be empty! We will grow the seedlings in the Cordova club house over the winter months having them ready for the green house the start of April. We will be building a 10’ x 16’ green house constructed from cattle panel fencing, heavy gage plastic, patio slab floor, wooden frame that sits on top of cinder blocks (see pictures). There will be doors on either end for access and air flow. We will also be purchasing shelving, grow soil and seeds, transplanting pots, trellising system, watering equipment. The growing season can be extended by a min. of 1-2 months - meaning more food, more programming, more education and more community time.
Programming will include: Programming will begin in March with introduction to greenhouse growing. It will continue for 10 weeks into the middle of June. We offer individuals and groups an opportunity to do hands on life- long learning outside of the classroom. Volunteers will be able to learn each time they come to help, and groups will have a structured curriculum
Groups that will be using the Green House and its programs:
Groups will have a structured curriculum. Individual community members: Need The Need Durham, Settlement House, Food Bank, At risk groups, Seniors, CAMH, All levels of education, Neighbourhoods, &Newcomers
Main Partnerships: Lakeridge Health & City of Oshawa for the properties, Feed The Need Durham for non perishable food support & all of the local businesses
Home of The Green House: We have chosen Alexandra’s Bounty for the green house because of its central proximity. It is a successful garden for programming & has five generations living within walking distance from it& offers a tranquil healing garden for guests, patients and the visitors from Lakeridge Health Hospital.
Project Time Lines : Programs, with completion of the green house, will take place from February to June 2019. Programs includes: *seed saving * choose your seeds wisely*direct sow or transplants*germination*green -house design & material list*building*how to transplant & maintain*seedling distribution*intro to succession planting*how to compost
Funding Breakdown: Although we are grateful for all the grants, sponsorships and donations We Grow Food’s mandates to always source out the most economical way to complete a project working within the philosophy of “enoughness” making it economically, socially, & environmentally responsible while creating a safe & inclusive space. The grant will be divided to cover the building and Accessories of the Green House, Programming & Supplies. Measurement & Out-Come: We Grow Food will track all outcomes including: all building costs, attendance to garden & green house, curriculum outlines, # of plants grown,# of lbs of food grown. IT’S ALWAYS BETTER TOGETHER

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We Grow Food in Partnership with Feed The Need In Durham

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