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After 20 years at a location only accessible by stairs, we are moving to a ground level office with space for a reception, small office, 2 group rooms and a large space which can be used for activities or informal meetings of members and will also available for use by other community associations.
The large space will allow us to start a teenager siblings program and also provide the possibility of a younger children program, both directed at children who lost a sibling through death.
Aviva funding will assist us in furnishing of the second group room and the activity space. We are in need of several couches, comfortable chairs and a few large tables with 2 dozen chairs in order that we can provide a comfortable environment for our community of bereaved families and other associations for meetings.
After our move in October we will hold an open house for members and the general public to celebrate our move and our 25th anniversary. Our location will now be accessible to any one, who could not visit us before due to the stairs.
Participants in groups can also meet informally with other parents after the groups are finished, we will have a comfortable space for Family support night presentations and on on one conversations.
The new location located on the main street in Oshawa will be clearly visible to the community and we expect that more families will walk in and would want to use our services which are completely free. It will give us a great opportunity to inform the families who have lost a child through death that support through their valley of grief is available, regardless of religion, race or political views. The funds will not be used for salaries or overhead but solely to provide a comfortable environment for members of the community.

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Bereaved Families of Ontario-Durham Region

Emplacement : Oshawa