Petites idées 10 000 $

Description :

This project will focus on creating a space where people from a wide range of demographics (generationally, socio-economically, ethnically) can feel comfortable and safe and build healthy relationships that will impact our future. It will take place in one of the oldest, diverse, and under-resourced neighbourhoods in our city-- the area often referred to as the Downtown Eastside.

Though this neighbourhood is often associated with addiction and poverty, the community is filled with children, youth, families, and elderly who have unique and inspiring stories and experiences to share with one another and the city.

The intent will be to create a safe space where healthy, positive relationships can form that will lead to and promote "cross-pollination" of the rich cultures, experiences, passions, gifts, etc. that we all bring with us.

The funds will be used to transform a space owned by UrbanPromise Vancouver so that it can be dedicated to the community to help promote the interactions described above. The transformation of the space will include but not be limited to an indoor mural dedicated to the neighbourhood, an outdoor mural dedicated to the neighbourhood, community meals that gather a wide range of people in the neighbourhood and are centered around intentional discussions, a documentary that records and tells the story of this process and the individuals and new relationships that were formed through the project, hospitality needs to invite people into the space, as well as funds to promote the project.

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