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Text from your neighbour: “Hey, meet me at the park! There’s something cool going on.”

No ticket, no babysitter, and no downtown parking required. Oh, and you can even bring your dog.

It doesn’t matter where you live, what language you speak, or how much money you have, we create professional theatre that is accessible to everyone and bring it to your local park.

a Company of Fools creates accessible and interactive performances based on the works of William Shakespeare. Our Torchlight Shakespeare in the Park series travels to 40 parks across the Capital Region and offers non-ticketed, by donation performances to people of all ages.

We know what you’re thinking… Shakespeare? Boring!

That’s why we employ a stylized approach to Shakespeare that uses techniques of slapstick, clown, and puppetry to make the stories clear, relatable and entertaining. We cut Shakespeare’s 4 hour plays down to a fast-paced 90 minutes, and 6 actors play all of the roles with skill, dynamism, and expertise, morphing from one character to the next with lightning quick costume changes and high energy. And we make sure all of this is affordable to the community.

Come to our shows and we guarantee you’ll say to your friends:

"I can’t believe that was Shakespeare - I understood every word! And I loved it!"
--Patron, 2017 Torchlight Shakespeare Production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This is why our performances have become an Ottawa family summer tradition for many years; over the course of our 50 show tour more than 7,000 people see our productions every year.

But this year, is different. This year a Company of Fools would like to do something new: A second touring production. That’s right. For the first time, we will perform TWO DIFFERENT SHOWS in parks across Ottawa all summer long.

This means double the laughs, double the fun, but most importantly double the audience impact!

What we want you understand is, when you vote for the Fools you aren’t just voting for a play. Our organization’s goal is to make theatre accessible to anyone and everyone who wants to spend a summer night enjoying arts and culture right in their own neighbourhood. We democratize our art form by taking it out of the theatre and into the community.

"I’m unemployed, so I don’t get to go see theatre."
--Patron, 2018 Torchlight Shakespeare Tour of Twelfth Night

And isn’t that cool?

Now imagine if we can reach more patrons like this. Imagine that no matter how much money is in your pocket, how old you are, or where you live in the region, you can walk out of your house and see professional theatre.

Yup. That’s pretty cool.

But we need your help.

By adding a second performance to our tour we are doubling our artistic output. Many arts organizations offer multiple performances for their patrons, and by extension multiple chances to come together for a shared live experience and foster a sense of community.

And we want to do the same. But it’s no easy feat.

A second performance means double the actors, double the costumes, double the set, double the music, double the fun! All of this also means double the costs. But we don’t want to put these increased costs on our patrons, and that’s where your vote can help.

Funding from the Aviva Community Fund will ensure our organization can embark on this risky (but exciting!) new offering across the National Capital Region.

Your vote will help bring theatre to underserved communities, strengthening one neighborhood at a time through local arts and culture.

So be a pal, and help a Fool out.

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