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S.H.A.D.E. (Safe Housing And Directed Empowerment) Inc. is a Second Stage Housing initiative focused on supporting Newcomer immigrant and refugee women and their children affected by domestic abuse and/or family violence in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This support is centered around two pillars: 1) Safe Housing; and 2) Directed Empowerment. The overall objective is to provide these women and any of their children with a safe place to live when they have voluntarily decided to leave an abusive domestic situation and guide them toward rebuilding their lives in a sustainable, independent manner through psychosocial counselling and practical supports.

Safe Housing will include a physical, secure location for Newcomer women and any of their children for a limited duration. Directed Empowerment through psychosocial counselling will include planned counselling sessions with certified counsellors, for both the Newcomer woman and any of her children, to work through and heal from the domestic abuse situation. Support groups for off-site participants will also be included, consisting of knowledge, experience, resource sharing, and social interaction.

Since SHADE soon hopes to launch a capital campaign, and therefore, has not yet acquired its building for taking in women and their children to the safe housing component of second stage housing, the focus of our idea here is to offer safe support groups. The purpose is twofold:
1. To raise SHADE's perception in the community-at-large as being operational, and
2. To offer a much-needed safe space for immigrant and refugee women from all walks of life to go to and meet with other women who have or are living in abusive relationships so that they can figure out safe options they feel comfortable acting on for themselves and their children.

Weekly support groups will be designed as safe sharing forums in the community for immigrant and refugee women to explore the many facets of abuse, whether that be abuse by an intimate partner or by an extended family member. Each participant who is living in an abusive relationship will gain much: knowledge that she is no longer alone, social inclusion, thus ending her isolation, awareness of resources and supports, and courage to make decisions for herself and her children's lives that will be in their best interests. All safe sharing forums will be prepared by culturally-sensitive trained staff and volunteers.

Locations would include community health centers, immigrant settlement centers, schools, and ethnic-specific centers. Separate childcare will be provided. Healthy snacks will be provided to both the women and their children. Bus transportation will be offered to those who need it.

Word of these safe sharing forums would be through referrals from shelters, other immigrant and refugee-serving community non-profits, bulletin board notices in various languages, and through social media. Participants would include immigrant and refugee women 18+ and open to any ethnicity, race, social class, and ability. Registration would be required so that should interpreters be required, time would be available to hire interpreters for the needed languages.

Simple evaluation questionnaires will be requested to be filled out and left following each forum. After a 10-week period, teams leading these safe sharing forums will evaluate what they have learned in order to integrate learning into the next 10-weeks sessions. Additionally, the insight gained will directly feed into the S.H.A.D.E. vision of providing safe spaces and practical support programming for Newcomer women leaving domestic abuse living situations.

Funds from this Aviva community grant would go toward leaflets and awareness campaign with local organizations, venues for the safe sharing forums, and logistical support for participants with limited resources.

Help S.H.A.D.E. spread the word. Help provide support to Newcomer women facing domestic violence.

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S.H.A.D.E. (Safe Housing And Directed Empowerment) Inc.

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