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Change can happen when people come together to work for a common goal. For the last 50 years, the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC) has drawn people together to stand up for the planet. In salute to our rich history of advocacy, research and education, we want to bring the community together in 2019 to celebrate our 50th birthday, explore past and current achievements, share stories, and envision a sustainable future together. Your vote can help make this happen!

Using funds from the contest we will host two community happenings that showcase what people in the Vancouver Lower Mainland are doing and can do to stand up for the planet:

1. SPEC Sustainability Fair: A free, all-ages event featuring activities, exhibits and guest speakers that encourage a deeper re-connection with nature. This will be a space for people to learn about local sustainability, connect with each other, and become empowered to take action.

2. To the Earth with Love: A legacy story and photo collection to which everyone can contribute their planet-friendly experiences, stories, ideas and images. Materials can be submitted at community events, via email and social media, through interviews, and by mail. The collection will become a legacy piece for us and future generations to enjoy. It will also be a resource for learning about the challenges and opportunities our society faces in order to balance how we live in relation to the nature that surrounds us.

Although many people are receptive to the idea of leading more sustainable lives, they are often unsure of what to do or whether their efforts would make a difference. The SPEC Sustainability Fair and To the Earth with Love Story and Photo Collection will provide the community with information and inspiration about practical actions they can take at home, in transit, at work and at leisure. Small steps taken by many can add up to big benefits for the environment and the lives we want to lead.

More importantly, the actions people take generate opportunities for connection with others. Joining with like-minded people to do or create something together can provide camaraderie, enjoyment, group satisfaction and substantive results. SPEC's 50th birthday projects will provide multiple opportunities to volunteer, participate, partner with, and become aware of and inspired by what can be achieved.

We expect to reach between 10,000 and 20,000 people through the events, but with the help of media we could reach a significantly higher number of people in Metro Vancouver. SPEC works with over 2,000 school-aged students and with hundreds of members of the general public, every year. With them, and by connecting with community centers, libraries, schools, and other local institutions, we aim to raise awareness and encourage participation from a diversity of people and communities.

Help us make 2019 a time of reflection, of re-connection and of celebration together!

More about SPEC:
SPEC is a volunteer-driven charity based in Vancouver, BC. One of Canada's oldest environmental non-profit organizations, our current work focuses on urban sustainability. You can check out our website at to learn about the work we do in growing food gardens at schools, teaching about renewable energy, supporting local farmers, empowering the community toward zero waste, and greening businesses

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Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC)

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