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The Aviva Community Fund would enable Mackenzie to make improvements to a newly acquired building, ‘The 92’, intended for use as a much-needed youth and community centre.

Mackenzie, B.C. is a small, remote, close-knit community a two hour drive from the nearest Tim Hortons. We enjoy beautiful summers, and have very long, snowy winters. Mackenzie was built around the logging industry, with community care programs for seniors and young families developing as needed throughout the years. Until now there has been a lack of available indoor space for youth to meet and call their own.

In interviews conducted in 2017 there was unanimous agreement among the representatives of the local RCMP, art centre, library, schools, churches, and college, that area youth need a safe place to rest, play, support each other, and be supported.

Through the generosity of a local church, desiring to support Mackenzie’s future generations, an extraordinary gift was recently given to Youth for Christ’s (YFC’s) Prince George chapter: our very own building, called The 92.

Our vision for The 92 is a place where various youth-serving organizations in Mackenzie can work together. The building will provide a space for groups such as Girl Guides, Scouts, Cadets and arts programs to gather and invest in young people. These organizations currently struggle to find space and are excited to grow their programs at The 92. Two established YFC youth groups will also use the space. Together we already have big dreams for how to expand use of this building for the good of the community.

The 92, which was previously a church building, is centrally located in Mackenzie. The two-storey building includes a full kitchen, a stage and is wheelchair accessible. However, some upgrades to the building are required to better serve the community in its new role as a youth centre. The Aviva Community Fund would allow us to upgrade the The 92 with significant benefits to the community:
- Improve the existing sound system so that movies can be shown in a town currently without a movie theatre.
- Improve the indoor space so that it can be used for large group games during the long winter months when
school gyms are often booked for other activities. Re-flooring, replace lighting.
- Improve the outdoor cement pad and field, providing a basketball net and other sports equipment for all
- Updates to the kitchen and indoor decor, providing a recreation lounge where youth can relax and hang out.

The 92 came as a free gift to YFC and we want to use it to make Mackenzie better. Youth-led initiatives to raise funds for upgrades to the new space are already in the planning stages. Within a day of hearing about this opportunity, our extended community began to show its support. Families, Scout leaders, small business owners and other community members are excited to get involved, showing the youth of Mackenzie how much they matter. Mackenzie is a place brimming with community spirit and a sincere desire to pass that spirit on to the next generation who, in a remote community, are confronted with a lack positive alternatives to readily available drugs and alcohol.

The rate of depression and isolation among teenagers continues to rise, especially in remote locations. It is vital that we create public spaces to foster community for this vulnerable group. The Aviva Community fund would allow us to create Mackenzie’s first youth centre, a welcoming space for all young people to come and form real community - which helps everyone to grow at the best of times and at the most difficult times. Improving The 92 to provide a safe and interactive space that is welcoming to all would establish a community legacy that could have significant positive impact on the youth of Mackenzie for generations to come.

Youth For Christ Prince George

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