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With a donation of $10,000, Scientists in School will deliver seven Family Science Nights to schools with higher concentrations of newcomer children and youth in Kindergarten to Grade 8 across Ontario and Alberta. Our Family Science Nights will serve as a great opportunity to connect newcomer families with their school and local community and foster a positive experience towards integration through learning; specifically by engaging families (more than 1400 children and parents) in discovering and sparking interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

The Canadian Federal Government plans to welcome 1 million immigrants from 2018-2020 in order to offset an aging demographic. The Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, conveyed that the “government believes that newcomers play a vital role in Canadian society, helping drive innovation and strengthen the economy”. However, integration is always a challenge especially with newcomer youth in terms of familiarity with the school system and language proficiency, aside from the usual issues Canadian youth face according to research published by the Boys and Girls Club. Also 34.2% of newcomers live in poverty whether immigrants or refugees according to Citizens for Public Justice. The UNHCR recommends fostering social integration and involvement in community activities, school events, sports, volunteering, etc., to ensure young people feel a sense of belonging and help them adapt. This is where our Family Science Nights can help.

Our Family Science Nights have proven to be an effective way to engage parents in their children’s learning. Step into one of our events and you will hear squeals of glee, laughter, and exclamations of ‘oh’, ‘wow’, ‘I get it!’, and ‘I’m so smart’ as they experience the excitement of STEM under the guidance of our highly-trained presenters who bring bins of materials and equipment, making activities hands-on. Families become groups of scientists immersed in inquiry; experimenting and learning as they peer into microscopes, learn chemistry by playing with food, create their own flying machine, and more. Our high-quality, hands-on STEM activities are known to engage even the shyest students and most reluctant learners, which can be the case for children who are still adapting to their new environment, and thus improving their attitudes about STEM and school in general.

We recognize that parents are key influencers in a child’s life, and we want to support them so that they are better able to support their children’s education. We expect that through this project many parents will feel inspired and encouraged to try science and math activities at home with their children. Having parents learn alongside their child in a fun setting outside of classroom time, can help build the child's interest, confidence and motivation for continued learning in STEM. Post-event surveys have shown that many parents/caregivers who didn’t initially feel comfortable doing math and science felt more comfortable in these areas after experiencing a Family Science Night. Thus, these parents are better able to support their children’s education success at home. For newcomer parents, this will also serve as a chance for them to further familiarize themselves with the school system and interact with other parents in their school community. This will also serve as an opportunity for the community to welcome these newcomer families to help improve their sense of belonging, improve the community’s cultural awareness and sensitivity, and develop positive relationships.

By supporting Scientists in School, you are investing in something bigger than our organization. You are giving back by providing an opportunity for the community to come together and develop positive relationships; and give children the chance to love science and school, and the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Photo Credit:- Kathy Moore

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