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The Inverness Community Leadership Center is a place for all citizens at the core of our community. Phase II is a project to add on 10,000 sq. ft. of space to the existing facility. The goal for this center is to make it a community hub where individuals of all ages and abilities can find services and/or a place to gather.

5,000 sq. ft. of this space will be dedicated to adults who live with intellectual disabilities, mental health challenges and/or other disabilities. Through social enterprises, these individuals can develop their full potential in a safe and respectful environment. This additional space will allow for the opening of a new social enterprise in the form of a cafe where participants will develop new skills, gain confidence and put them front and center with the public at large which helps to integrate them into the community.

The other 5,000 sq. ft. will be dedicated to our youngest citizens that connects them to what they need from the pre-natal period onwards. The plans are to create a welcoming space that is accessible, intergenerational, food secure and celebrates a culture of inclusion. Included in the programs and services offered will be regulated childcare which is presently unavailable and is much needed in the community.

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Mill Road Social Enterprises

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