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Fall 2018, Centre Wellington lost 6 males to suicide in just over 2.5 months and another 2 before summer arrived. This spurred a community of mourning and many searching for what to do next. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Centre Wellington (BBBSCW) is proud of growing the number of youth we serve but clearly we need to do more. After lots of tears, number crunching, connecting and dreaming, we are now in the works of creating a "hub" of like minded services, who all serve youth, from both the for profit and not for profit sectors. In addition to these services, BBBSCW is creating six multipurpose rooms that will be training rooms, meeting rooms, interview rooms, etc for BBBSCW and they will also be accessible to the community.

There will be a large kitchen, board room/workshop room and four smaller rooms. Services that are in neighboring communities will also use these spaces as satellite offices, making their programs more accessible to our community. After school programs can run, giving youth something to do, somewhere safe to be while they make friendships, connections and be a part of something bigger. It will be where youth can come after school and volunteer, hang out or be active. They can also get counselling, learn how to manage anxiety or be tutored. We will run our Go Girls! and Game On! programs which builds self esteem and healthy lifestyle choices. With multi purpose rooms, no one will be able to tell what they are doing or why. Youth will get the help they need, through a web of services and programs all under one roof without feeling judged.

We aim to have weekly Youth Nights in the Hub. Similar to a youth group affiliated with a church. The first half hour will be a youth resiliency piece - a workshop on how to be interview ready, a session on managing stress and anxiety or perhaps a piece around how to study for the older kids and how to be a good friend for the younger kids. These Youth Nights will be driven by youth, for youth. We will create a Youth Advisory Group (they will come up with a much cooler name!) who will make a list of all the things they want to learn and the mentors on that group will help make the connections. After the half hour resiliency piece, they will run off to the different areas of the hub for 2 hours of fun while they bake cookies, be active, play board games or cards. They might want to jam out with a group of eukes or sew with a volunteer.

Our community doesn't have anything like this right now. There are not very many opportunities for youth to gather with friends. Our youth are quite isolated and this "hub" and Youth Nights will change that.

First item on the Youth Advisory Group's agenda... pick a name for this "Hub"! Second, plan some engaging, helpful and dynamic Youth Nights that brings the youth community together and fuels them with tools that help them get through the darker days. Youth will make the difference. They will be empowered to make meaningful change and be a part of the solution.

VOTING for this project means:
- you support building youth socially and emotionally;
- you want to see services be more accessible to youth in CW;
- you think a regular planned events for youth, planned by youth, is a good thing;
- you think $10,000 is a great investment in our youth!

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