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Description :

Mission Statement:
We believe all should be given equal opportunity to overcome the difficulties in life. Our goal is to inspire stability and sustainability by providing programs, mentorship, events, and resources for the youth and families in our area.

Where does the name “Five Eleven” come from?
FIVE ELEVEN is a reference to a rock climbing level system called the Yosemite Decimal System. At the time of the system's creation, 5.11 was the highest class and difficulty level in rock climbing, best described by author Don Graydon:
"After thorough inspection, you conclude this move is obviously impossible; however,
occasionally, someone actually accomplishes it"
​We believe this speaks volumes about the state of our community, as well as simply what it's like being a teenager - this might be the most difficult climb, it may seem impossible, but maybe together, we can overcome it.

Our Idea:
Five Eleven Youth and Family Center is a non-profit, non-religious organization owned by Third Day Grace Ministries in North Sydney, Nova Scotia. We’re a small group of people who know that the Northside is in crisis. We know the studies and we believe that it is time to make a positive change in our community. Our beautiful community has experienced far too much loss at the hands of drugs, mental illness, and poverty and it is time for it to stop. We want to be a preventative resource, giving hope and healing to our town.

Our goal is to have a centre that is open 7 days a week with free or affordable opportunities and activities for all school-aged youth and their families. All children deserve equal opportunity to succeed regardless of their background, be it race, religion, ability, gender, or sexuality - we encourage youth to express themselves and teach them life skills needed to attain a healthy and stable lifestyle.

We believe that youth are the backbone of our town and our society. When we provide resources and a positive place for youth to feel safe, it can change their world - and ours. We believe that people are a product of their community and that when treated with dignity from a young age they become more confident in their ability to learn, and grow into successful community members.

With over 500 youth in walking distance of the centre our goal is to reach between 200 and 300 youth per week through our many programs and drop-in hours. We currently have over 120 youth registered with over 40 volunteers and we have only been open since July 2018. We expect this number to increase drastically over the next couple of months as we continue to launch new programming.

We also have a sustainability plan in place as we have great office space that we can rent out to local community groups or small public businesses to subsidize our bills and pay a full-time director. We know that having a person in a paid position makes a community group thrive and continue to grow, and in the future hope to work with students as a placement opportunity, co-op programs, and eventually be able to hire more people.

The Aviva Community Fund will help us finish renovations on our building - providing us with heat pumps, paint, and updated lighting fixtures. More than that, it will help us bring in the supplies we need to launch many of our programs. Providing washers and dryers and stoves for our life-skills area, music gear for our music program, mountains of craft supplies for an after school program, computers and games for our video-game/computer lounge, rock-climbing installation, a teen crisis center, and so much more.

With your support - we can win this! Please vote for us & help us change our little, beautiful seaside town.

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Third Day Grace Ministries under Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada

Emplacement : North Sydney