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Stratford Elementary School needs a new playground for it’s students and the surrounding community. The existing playground at the school has been taken down to allow for the construction of a new wing on the school. This has left close to 500 students from grades 4-6 with little equipment to play on. After the construction is complete, there will be over 600 students who will be attending the school and they will need a safe place to play. The new playground will be a unique and engaging space which will be accessible to all. The students at the school took an active role in designing the new space. They completed surveys and drawings of what they would like to see in a new playground. The student’s vision helped design an awesome playground. The playground will be a mix of natural and traditional equipment that includes a pirate ship structure, a multi-storied tree house structure, an accessible zip line, a ninja course, sensory play items, spinners, shelter, an outdoor classroom, friendship circle, hydra rope end swings and much more! The new playground at Stratford Elementary will be an important part of our growing, vibrant community, and will help to accommodate the increase in students that our schools see every year. Like most communities, our schools are the heart and soul of Stratford. They are a place where friendships are formed and where multi-generations can witness the promise of our youth. A great playground is an important part of that community spirit. People often take their children to the playground after school hours and during the summer. The playground is frequently visited by children from different communities and many children who are not even in school yet. The playground at Stratford Elementary can also benefit Glen Stewart Primary School, which is right next door, and has a student population of over 600 from kindergarten to grade 3. There are also many early childcare centres , within walking distance, which frequently use the playground after hours. We plan to build a play space that is inclusive and accessible to all students and the surrounding community. No other recreational facility in Stratford sees more use or benefits more children than our school’s playground. Playgrounds provide all children, no matter their age or ability, the opportunity to be active and explore their outdoor surroundings. Healthy, happy children are the heart of any community and this new playground will ensure the children of Stratford, and surrounding areas have a great place to gather and play for many years to come! Thank you for your consideration!

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