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Imagine. Imagine a place that is a community. A place where you can go when you are grieving the loss of a loved one. When you are emotionally lost. When you do not know where else to go. Now imagine the people here. People whose open arms say more than any words can say: that we care and understand. That we are here for you. That we are so very sorry for your loss. That we will walk with you on your grief journey for as long as you need us. That we are glad you came.
This place is the Fort Saskatchewan Families First Society, and these people, are the staff and volunteers of Families First’s Grief Support Program. Families First’s Grief Support Program began in 2009 with the establishment of Angel Whispers, a program that provides one to one and group support to families who have been devastated by the loss of a baby before or shortly after birth. Over the past year and with increasing frequency, the Program Coordinator for Families First’s Grief Support Program has been asked by other professionals in the community, including registered psychologists, to provide support to others who are grieving the loss of a loved one. An AVIVA Community Grant would allow this additional support to continue.
Grief can feel dark. Lonely. Overwhelming. Exhausting. Referrals are made to the Families First Grief Support Program by our community, including therapists, because of the specialized expertise of the staff and volunteers involved. Our program brings people together by providing hope and understanding to them in their most difficult time. Eventually, and for everyone in their own time, darkness is replaced by light, loneliness and overwhelming by relationships, and exhaustion by hope.
AVIVA is looking for ideas to fund that “benefit community to the core”, and that is exactly what Families First Grief Support Program does. Making this critical mental health support completely accessible to our community – no cost, with transportation and child care provided if necessary – means people receive the individualized, specialized help they need when they need it.
Please vote for Families First’s Grief Support Program so we can include this critical, general grief support to the services we offer to help keep our community safe, strong and resilient. This is our village!

Fort Saskatchewan Families First Society

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