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Eden Care Communities (ECC) Open Studio Art Program currently provides intergenerational opportunities for members of our community to come together to create meaningful art, explore various art mediums and reduce the perceived barriers that one does not have the ability to make art. This program is inclusive and aims at bridging together all generations and abilities. Though daily Open Studio times, we explore, experiment and get messy with painting, drawing, clay, textiles etc. This art program strengthens independent thinking, enhances mobility, breaks down barriers, improves quality of life and brings people in our community together. We are encouraging our community to be individual active members in a group setting; creating art improves their independent decision-making skills to further find their way and make their mark.

Art is beneficial through all stages of life, it connects and explores alternative ways of engaging with others to build meaningful relationships. These relationships encourage an individual’s well being to flourish. Making art further develops the ability to explore and express ourselves. It gives us the tools to enrich our daily lives. Our art program provides a safe space to experiment, create and ask questions. We build confidence in our artists’ abilities and have seen benefits to our community’s mental health and daily well being. In addition to our Open Studio Art Program, Eden Care Communities created our First Annual Making our Mark Art Exhibition to connect the community and bring awareness.

Our Annual Making our Mark Art Exhibition cultivates a supportive intergenerational event through the work created during our Eden Care Communities Open Studio sessions. It provides the opportunity for our ECC Artists to exhibit their work beyond their community which develops a sense of accomplishment and strengthens relationships within Regina. Eden Care Communities as a non-profit, charitable organization envisions a life worth living. The Open Studio Art program and the Annual Making our Mark Art Exhibition engages those that live and visit the Regina Lutheran, Broadway Terrace, Milton Heights, Community Day and Wellness Program and Saplings Early Learning Child Care. With the Aviva Community funding, we envision the Art Exhibition to grow, foster and be a vital part of the greater Regina community. Our goals include:
- Art exhibited for a longer duration, so more people can view the work in an accessible location for all.
- Eden Care Communities Open Studio Artists be known in our community as art innovators.
- Break down barriers including cost, adaptable equipment, reduce stereotypes and ageism in our community.
- Promote leadership, life skills development and independent thinking through making art
- Developing Intergenerational art to create personal and social change.
- Enhance existing and create new partnerships including Saskatchewan Abilities Council Regina, Cosmopolitan Learning Centre, Ehrlo Early Learning Centre, North East Community Centre, Sâkêwêwak First Nations Artist Collective Inc., surrounding neighbourhoods and schools.

The differences these funds will make in our greater community reduces ageism and generates an age friendly intergenerational Regina. The Eden Care Communities Open Studio Art Program and our Annual Exhibition develops positive change and is an outlet for self expression and growth. Funding us helps community create a deeper understanding of the benefits of being creative and making your mark.

Our vision at Eden Care Communities is to create communities of people who are connected, fulfilled and secure. With art we can educate, reduce perceived barriers and create an age friendly community that bridges together all generations.

“I’ve been able to try new media I’ve always wanted to; the studio has become more than a place to experiment with art supplies – it provides me with a passionate way to express myself” - Alana, ECC Artist

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