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Since January of 2015, the volunteer-run Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank (TVFB) has provided healthy, cruelty-free, and environmentally-conscious groceries to those living under the poverty line who are vegetarian, vegan, or trying to transition to a veg diet.

We started TVFB as an initiative to address both human and animal suffering. We also saw the need for the food bank system to reflect a deeply multicultural city like Toronto's diverse diets and needs. Food banks are used by people who are already incredibly down on their luck and feeling desperate ... we didn't want them to also have to compromise their health or their ethics when they were already in such a vulnerable place.

Those using the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank range from folks with diabetes or cancer whose doctors have told them they need to switch, to activists who have fallen on tough times, to refugees that are brand new to Canada & struggling to start their life here.

By December 2017, we served 100,000 meals worth of groceries to the community. Today, almost 300 people depend on the food bank each month and the demand is rapidly growing.

We deeply want to meet this growing need, but we require a serious upgrade to our intake/administrative systems in order to be able to serve more people, more food in the limited time we have access to our food bank location.

An upgrade from our antiquated paper system to a digital system will allow us to dramatically increase the number of people who we can serve groceries to by 40%. That translates to being able to serve 20,000 more meals worth of groceries in this coming year!

With new hardware and software systems, funded through a generous grant from Aviva's Community Fund, we'll be able to streamline our grocery service, nutrition counselling, and on-site salad/soup kitchen. This will reduce wait times for our food bank users, allow us to expand our services to include grocery delivery to community members with special needs, and enable us to significantly increase the number of people we're able to get groceries in the hands of each month.

The TVFB has a wonderful volunteer team and access to healthy, compassionate food. A better processing system is all that we need to deliver good food and good vibes to even more people in need in our community.

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Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank

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