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We're applying on behalf of Windsong Heights School. Both of us teach Kindergarten and are passionate about the arts and community involvement. Our K-8 school is located in a relatively new community called Windsong in Airdrie, Alberta. The school opened in September of 2017. It has over 900 students and over 70 staff members. We wanted to create a project that would not only bring our school community together, but also the community of Windsong as a whole. We feel that the fine arts are a perfect way to bring together members of every age, gender, culture, ability, and economic status.

Our idea is to work with a local professional artist to create a collaborative mural that represents our school culture and our physical community. Caitlin Bodewitz is a mixed-media printmaker and she will be engaging in an artist residency to help our students and staff develop the themes/ideas behind our project and in executing the technical side of the creative process and installation. It is important to us to have each student and staff member involved in the creation of our community mural. With the school and community being so new, we hope that this mural will serve as a legacy piece, become a part of our community's collective identity, and tell a story for years to come.

It is our hope to utilize the wonderful talents around our community and school division. We are seeking help from parents, Rocky View Schools 21st century learning specialists, Rocky View Grounds crew leaders, Mattamy Homes(the primary homebuilder of Windsong), Airdrie's historical museum staff. and other local experts.

Students and staff will be encouraged to take their own photo from around our local community and transfer it onto a wood square. We're hoping to work around the themes of community, a sense of place, and a sense of belonging.

There be approximately 1000 people included in the creation of the mural, however, we hope that it will impact the families and many other members of the community. Our school is also used for community recreational sports and other groups. Therefore, we hope to have the mural installed in a central area of the building, where all visitors will be able to view it and connect with its meaning.

Overall, we envision this as a piece that will help to unite all members of our diverse community, instill a sense of pride, belonging, interaction, and human connection; all while bringing in the value and appreciation of the fine arts .

**Below are photographs of collaborative mural that the Caitlin Bodewitz did through her residency program at another school in Cochrane, Alberta.**

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The Board of Trustees of Rocky View School Division No.41

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