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The SSVP Carbonear Food bank will house a complete library of food preparation tools with access to all members of the community. Additionally, sessions will be hosted to both introduce and allow participants to become comfortable with the use of all equipment.

The creation of this library is absolutely necessary in this region. The current number of households accessing services is increasing, and we are currently at ~800 food insecure households a month. The area we cover is approximately over 350 km. We also host a monthly community meal which attracts not only clients of our services but champions of the community and those interested in learning food preparation and budgeting. Food preparation skills are no longer being passed through generations, and households are struggling to adapt to the rising cost of produce and planning balanced meals. There is an increase in interest of how to source food locally and economically (ie. Berrypicking), and in turn how to preserve the food for longer periods of time.

Other areas of concern include baking (ie. Bread), planning nutritious meals, budgeting for those nutritious meals, and safe food preservation techniques.

Our plan is to offer all members of the community access to food preparation tools that they may not be able to afford to buy or have the space to keep where they live. The library will include a full inventory of all appliances and tools one would need to prepare and preserve all foods.
Food Mills
Food Processors
Electric Mixers
Stock Pots
Slow cookers
Canning pots
Toaster Oven
Pots & Pans
Wire racks
Basic kitchen utensils (including but not limited to measuring cups, measuring spoons, spatulas, mixing bowls, cookie sheets, roasters, cooling racks)
Recipes (Commercial and community driven)

We have an existing room that was a kitchen, which would need basic upgrades to allow us to offer the sessions to participants to introduce and become proficient with the tools. Participants must complete a series of sessions prior to having take home access to the tools. Additionally, for some they may not have the space in their living area to prepare/cook, the upgraded on-site space would allow the participants the option of a comfortable, safe area to work.

Basic upgrades include but are not limited to:
Vent hood
Double stainless steel sink
Counter space
Stainless Steel tables

There will be a core group of volunteers who will manage the library.

Community members will feel less isolated and disenfranchised through the option of not only preparing their own food but also interacting with both community champions/volunteers but other participants as well. It is a well known fact - Better food security equals better mental and physical health.

We strive to create an environment where our building is multi-use and welcoming. All members of the community, not just food insecure use our facilities. We envision the Kitchen Tool Library will be utilized by not only those accessing our services but also those in the community who may have interest in food preparation but were limited due to finances or intimidated by the use of unknown kitchen appliances.
The Kitchen Tool Library will allow the members of the community to broaden menus, preserve food, and have a better quality of life while not being negatively impacted financially. It will also help community members share their knowledge and skills with those who are interested. The gaining of skills is a tangible outcome, an intangible will be the empowerment and the relationships built through working together in the library and sharing the knowledge.

Our goal will be to include diverse age groups in order to rebuild the generational knowledge transfer resulting in a measurable reduction in food insecurity in the region.

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