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At Kekinow in Chilliwack we have an affordable housing community of 44 families with over 80 children. These families have very little means of providing their family with anything other than the necessities, let alone entertainment for their children. There was once a small wooden playground that has since rotted away and been dismantled. This leaves the children with little to do but pester already frustrated parents and cause trouble with neighbors. During the summer and after school on a sunny day, small children are out playing in their carport with small toys and cardboard boxes or whatever can be imagined into something greater. For this reason, the tenants at Kekinow have asked for another playground. The board approved without hesitation, but added that this time it should be done right and has endeavored to build a playground that will last.

At present there are no parks or playgrounds in the area except a mostly unused basketball court with only one net. Our idea is to build a full commercial playground with swings, slides, a fort, and climbing equipment that will challenge them physically and build confidence as they develop. A community playground would give our children some much needed entertainment, physical activity, and an opportunity to form friendships with other children in the neighborhood. It would also give parents of young children a chance to socialize with parents of similarly aged children. And for the parents of children who require less supervision, a playground would give some much needed quiet time with a peace of mind in knowing their children are outside having fun, but still within earshot. These physical and social benefits of playgrounds are well documented along with other benefits to the community, such as decreasing juvenile crime. Our children here at Kekinow are low-income and predominately Native, which doubles the risk factors for delinquency.

Proper commercial playgrounds are very expensive these days and we at Kekinow cannot build this alone. Every little thing we do here is to help the children and their parents escape the cycle of poverty. We are working with very little, and making it go a long way. With this grant, the playground built will have a huge positive impact on our community and we are excited for the change and the endless benefits and possibilities for us and, more importantly, our children.

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kekinow native housing society

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