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Our program "Inclusively Canadian" is being developed to help new Canadians transition into their new life and build relationships within the community. We want to create a space for Canadians of all ethnic backgrounds to interact and build connections outside of their respective cultural/ethnic groups.

With Canada’s long-standing international reputation as a multicultural nation, there is no doubt that Canada will continue to be a beacon of hope for people looking for a better opportunity for themselves and their families.

While Canada may provide a better life than the respective countries people come from, uprooting ones life from a country of origin that shares little resemblance in culture and language presents a host of daunting challenges for those seeking to become “Canadian”. New arrivals to Canada, specifically refugees with little or no English can often feel like they are invisible, unable to advocate for themselves and find their place in society. They struggle to secure meaningful employment that matches their interests and skills that gave them a sense of purpose and worth in their homeland.

Alongside the difficulties adults have being new to Canada, their children likewise find it hard to transition into a new country and often find themselves isolated, unsure how, or unable to find their place amongst their new peers. They live as outsiders.

Our inclusive program seeks to provide new Canadian youth, along with those born and raised in Canada the opportunity to engage in collaborative efforts through the medium of physical activity, problem-solving challenges, trust-building activities, and other miscellaneous activities that promote positive social skills toward giving students a sense of belonging and accomplishment. Our program will simultaneously provide educational activities that align with the BC school curriculum to reinforce and supplement what students will be learning in school.

The current socio-political climate finds immigration as a hot-button, contentious issue, with concerns and arguments made across the ideological spectrum as to what role immigration should play in shaping Canada’s future. Regardless of the direction Canadian policy may take toward refugees and immigration, the Canada we see before us today has a number of challenges to overcome if we are going to move forward and be the success story of multiculturalism the world needs us to be. That we need us to be.

Our greatest asset in the quest to create a cohesive, harmonious amalgamation of racial and ethnic diversity into one unified “Canadian” is our youth. They are our future and best resource for bridging the cultural gap that impedes and obstructs many opportunities for social interaction and relationships between individuals and groups.

While there are resources already in place with companies like Immigration Services Society of BC and Mosaic, there are no inclusive programs such as ours that provides resources and services targeting new Canadians while also creating space for any and all individuals with the aim of forging social bonds between peoples of diverse cultures and improving the health and wellness of participants.

The Inclusively Canadian program will bring people together to live, learn and share.

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