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The Canadian Mental Health Association, Hastings and Prince Edward Branch is a small but mighty community mental health agency. One of a few branches in Ontario not under the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, the agency has to be active in fundraising, partnerships and grant writing to ensure its stability to meet the emerging mental health needs within Hastings and Prince Edward County.
"Rising for Hope" identifies two key supports for mental health wellness currently – resiliency within recovery, and support for families decimated by the suicide of a loved one. Grief from the loss of someone to suicide is a different heart ache of loss because it always comes with guilt and the all-encompassing question "why". For some who have endured this loss, the trauma can lead to PTSD symptoms and needs specific care to address images, triggers, sounds and smells.
CMHA-HPE has been lucky to work with the Parrot Foundation with a grant from March 2017 for 18 months of funding for one on one counselling and for support groups that run concurrent to counselling, which offers holistic support with a community of those who "get it" at a gut level. There is healing with this support and creates a foundation for resiliency to flex with the waves of guilt, grief and bewilderment that is part of the sorrow faced.
CMHA-HPE's small idea has huge opportunities for support - working with families who have completed the individual and group counselling to create a structured training program that allows those individuals to bring their lived experience to the broader community through speaking engagements and outreach. Framing the grief in a model of hope and support could a) provide hope for those families enduring the same grief and b) offer resources within the framework of the loss to assist those in the pre-contemplated stage of suicide not to take their life.
The small idea funding would support 25 to 30 individuals to become speakers for the agency who would receive approximately $350.00 per person in formal training workshops to be prepared to handle possible situations that could arise from doing speaks. CMHA-HPE staff have the same training due to the disclosures and life experiences audiences share after formal and informal speaking engagements.
"Rising to Hope" speaker's bureau will provide experts on suicide bereavement who have known despair and who have found resiliency in recovery. Each and every person who has lost someone to suicide that is interested in providing this support to the community would give anything not to be this voice of experience .
Our obligation to supporting that voice of courage is to ensure they have all the tools to speak safety. It is our hope that the community at large feels this as well.

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Canadian Mental Health Association, Hastings and Prince Edward Branch

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