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Our community may be small, but we are a strong community that believes in healthy active lifestyles through play.

In our community of Paradise Hill, the place of play is our community playground. This playground is important to our community as it is considered one of the hubs where children play, and people of all ages get together to meet socially. This is a place where families take their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and friends. This is a place where our seniors go to walk and watch for the enjoyment. This is a positive place that helps tie our community together by serving as common space for families to come together.

The present playground is adjacent to the school grounds and the community centre, in the centre of the entire community proving easy access by everyone. Our community has always encouraged an active lifestyle for individuals of all ages.

This playground is utilized by the entire community including with affiliations such as: Paradise Hill School, Village of Paradise Hill, Hamlet of Frenchman Butte, RM of Frenchman Butte, Paradise Hill Early Learning - Daycare, Paradise Hill Kiddies Cooperative Corner - Playschool, Paradise Hill Community Centre and visitors to our community. Very rarely will you see the playground sitting empty.

Unfortunately, the present playground has recently been condemned. As a school and community, we believe in “Working Together Towards a Common Goal” so we are committed to working together to replace these structures as well as upgrade this play area to be inclusive for individuals of all abilities. The loss of such a popular area would deeply affect everyone in the community.

For our community and its residents’ playgrounds play a crucial part with long-term affects such as enhancing the public space and strengthening the community. The strong sense of community that playgrounds create comes from bringing people together who might not have crossed paths elsewhere. Parents can talk to parents, kids can climb and swing and run around with other kids, and neighborhoods can get to know each other all by coming together in the name of play. Playgrounds also are one of the amenities that attracts young families to our rural communities.

Play cuts across many areas including leisure, parks and green space, education and children’s services, health, community safety, crime reduction, and regeneration; it also provides the community an opportunity for a range of services and businesses to work together.

Play is a right of all children and planning for play in a local area ensures that children and families from all parts of the community can be involved.

In the short-term physical activity levels and energy expenditures will increase. Play is the key to physical, mental, intellectual and social well being of children, so the long-term affects are endless. Community playgrounds play an important role in a child’s daily life for fulfilling their interest, development and learning needs as well playing a role in forming their identity. Studies show play helps kids work together, share, negotiate, and resolve problems in collaborative and group settings. Studies also show that positive social and mental impacts of play on the brain can be seen almost immediately.

If awarded this financial investment the short term and long-term affects would be substantial. The playground is crucial in a child’s development through unique healthy play and in positive development for a sustainable community. As a community we realize that children are one of our greatest resources, so we have a responsibility to help them grow emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically.

Providing the best place possible for children and families to get together is a priority for our community as "It takes two to have a child, but it takes a community to raise a child". The playground will make Paradise Hill an everlasting sustainable community.

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