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Providing crime prevention services for over 30 years, the John Howard Society of Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton is a non-profit, multi service organization with offices located in Lindsay and Minden. Through prevention, education, and interventions JHSCKLH works with at-risk youth and adults through a variety of programs and services. The John Howard Society believes that crime can be reduced and prevented through social and educational programs, and the active involvement of an informed community; we operate under a mandate of “Effective, just, and humane responses to crime and its causes.”

Working in partnership with our local police force, the John Howard Society intends to provide education on crime prevention to members of our community. Our Agency believes that addressing crime and its causes should be a community-driven process, and so we will actively involve our community in various ways.

In 2017, the Kawartha Lakes Police Services documented 819 reports of violent crimes and 1,054 reports of property crimes. Through community engagement, we will speak to the concerns and impact of crime in our towns, and brainstorm ways in which to address it. The Agency will address the stigma that is present when an individual is convicted of a crime, and the ways in which the community can support reintegration to reduce recidivism rates and social isolation.

By educating our community and bringing the result of crime and its causes to the forefront of people's minds, our Agency and local partners will aid in crime prevention, stigma, and recidivism rates through the power of an informed community.

Funding will be used to:

- Bring our community together in various public forums to discuss crime rates, prevention, and stigma within our catchment area;

- Create programming that addresses these issues, and highlights areas that are pertinent to our community, such as how the emergence of youth crime is impacting our town;

- Work in conjunction with our local police force to identify gaps in services that pertain to crime and it's prevention;

- Create change within our community (and with our community's assistance) by working together to facilitate positive change;

- Work with local community partners in identifying issues that impact crime and it's causes, and encourage positive change through the creation of pertinent programming that addresses these needs.

For example, our Agency has recently addressed the issue of homelessness in our community through the creation of a Transitional Housing program. Using the same reasoning, we aim to create programming that both addresses crime and it's causes, while working with our community to create positive change by addressing stigma and crime prevention techniques with the power of an active, involved community.

The John Howard Society believes in education and involvement as a means to address community-wide issues. By focussing on crime and it's causes, and how we can prevent further victimization, we will use this funding to create positive, community-wide change through the development and implementation of programming, education, and partnerships.

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John Howard Societyt of Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton

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