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St. Peter’s Community Meal reaches out to the community by creating a warm and friendly and fun environment for our neighbours to share a meal together.

A nutritious meal is served, people are made to feel welcome, and laughter is heard. The Community Meal is hosted by a team of St. Peter’s volunteers whose love for their work is evident every dinner we have. We so appreciate each volunteer’s support and help!

The Community Meal is for everyone! This initiative is a way for us all to connect, encourage new friendships, share kindness and inspire hope within St. Peter’s as well as within the immediate community by the simple act of sharing a meal together as neighbours.

So far this year we’ve hosted 2 meals and have had 215 people in total attending.

The Table as a Place of Connection Tables are one of the most important places of human connection. We’re often most fully alive when sharing a meal around a table.

Food is powerful. It brings us together, shapes our memories, and empowers our communities. Though easy to forget while we’re rushing through our day, sharing a meal is an intimate experience, and those who sit beside us at the table can feel this intimacy: Bonds with loved ones become stronger, and strangers feel like strangers no more.

Come and join us not only for a meal but also for a taste of community. We have an open and inviting space where everyone is welcome. We will have great food, and a great time getting to know each other. Life is built on relationships. The time to start building them is now!

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