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By developing a mobile version of our centre -- Oasis in Motion -- that will deliver many of the same resources we offer at KV Oasis, we can help deliver programming that these regions would not have access to otherwise.
With so many communities reaching out asking for our support, we decided that the best way we could serve them, was to bring the Oasis Center to where they’re at, and hence, the Oasis In Motion Bus vision was born.

We will travel to nearby communities in the Fundy royal region in a pride and bring our biggest strength with us, our medical center. Our pack will include professionals, offering youth in other areas the opportunity to seek out services that otherwise might not be available to them.

We have chosen the lion to be the symbol for the project as lions are fierce, strong and all work together. In a pride of lions, it takes all members to work together and help each other achieve the same goal. By moving together in a “pride”, Oasis in Motion as well as community partners can work together to empower and strengthen the youth in the Fundy royal area. Oasis in Motion is proud of the youth they engage with as well as the work we do as a community.

We want to the Oasis in Motion Bus to serve the Fundy Royal region from Saint John to Sussex, to Alma, Coverdale, Waterborough and everything in between.

We are already building relationships with neighboring communities. Sussex, NB, has reached out to ask our help in starting their own centres and we have begun to build contacts other communities around the province. As much as the programming in our centre is developed with the individual in mind, the exact format for a centre in each community might look slightly different depending on their needs. Oasis in Motion would work directly with those communities to deliver services that best suit their needs. Our long-term goal with this outreach is to empower as many communities as possible to develop their own centres using the principles that guide KV Oasis. We values partnership in the highest regard, knowing that it takes a community to support one another.

The requests that we receive for support illustrate that this is something we need in the Fundy Royal region. There is currently nothing like this in Atlantic Canada. Alberta and Ontario are both successfully offering these services to the youth in their communities. In the Fundy Royal Region, accessibility to health services is a major social determinant our province faces. Oasis in Motion is an entity that will combat this particular obstacle.

On Oasis in Motion, a nurse practitioner, social workers and other mental health professionals will be available. We will be able to offer physical, sexual and mental health services on our bus because we will have scheduled and consistent rotation to the areas we will be addressing.

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