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Writing, Rhythms and Rhymes uses a combination of music, poetry, dance and writing to engage under-served children and youth in the North-West communities of Toronto. Working collaboratively with community members, stakeholders, and professional artists, North York Arts has developed a program that uses a fusion of art forms to create meaningful opportunities in young people’s lives through participation in the arts.

This program will focus on the Neighbourhood Improvement Areas of Downsview-Roding, Jane-Finch and Jane -Glenfield Heights and Black Creek. Participants from these communities will receive a mix of arts education training and life and leadership skills. Programs led by facilitators who the children and youth can identify with will provide positive role modelling through mentorship.

Writing, Rhythms and Rhymes will provide accessible arts programs for children and youth in various community hub spaces, schools and residences. Twelve weeks of high-quality programs in music, creative writing, spoken word and dance will be offered, often fusing together genres to create collaborative and interdisciplinary work. At the end of the session, the program will conclude with a showcase where youth will show off their new skills and collaborate with other participants.

Specific programs that the Aviva will support includes:
- Anti-bullying workshops for children that uses creative writing and comic arts as a way to empower children to be anti-bullying superheroes
- Spoken word and music creation workshops at local libraries that combines a mix of drumming and DJ'ing to make collaborative art creations and performances
- Urban dance workshops for both children and youth at a local shelter for refugee and newcomer families will help create a sense connection and community for young people who have been displaced
- Creative writing and literary workshop to connect youth to the novel, using stories and storytelling to build connections to the wider community

Each program will have a public and/or family showcase, creating additional opportunities for communities to come together and engage with one another.

The City of Toronto has identified that a lack of access to localized resources, employment, volunteer opportunities, and safe space, contributes to increased crime rates amongst youth in Neighbourhood Improvement Areas. These programs will engage participates by using artistic platforms as a way to express themselves, while developing a creative voice, building confidence and a greater connection to community.

We aim to address systemic issues that pertain to marginalization and increased rates of violence by providing access to localized resources and hubs spaces that will connect participants to on-going programming at a safe community space, where they will work with artist mentors.

This project focuses on engagement and leadership as a means of addressing socio-economic factors and systemic barriers that contribute to higher rates of violence, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues associated with poverty, as well as issues related to bullying.

High-risk factors faced by youth in NIA's and other underserved communities include:
-High poverty and residential mobility
-Presence of gangs in the neighbourhood
-Availability or perceived access to firearms in the neighbourhood
-Feeling unsafe in neighbourhood

The artists leading these programs have lived and/or work experience in these neighbourhoods and communities. They have a proven track record of successful engagement with young people and have program models that incorporate mentorship and leadership as a part of their arts education curriculum.

Funding will go directly back into communities by supporting program costs such as snacks and supplies for participants and facilitator fees. NYA will receive venue space in-kind from our partners so every dollar from Aviva will directly impact children and youth.

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