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In 2016, Eastbrook began a major school modernization funded by the Alberta government. The budget for the modernization is eleven million dollars and will bring much needed space, light, flexibility and accessibility; allowing staff and students to collaborate, innovate, learn & grow!

Unfortunately, schools receiving modernization funding are not given any funds to put towards building or improving playgrounds. The current playground structures at Eastbrook are extremely outdated and are much too small for the school population. Built over 20 and 17 years ago respectively, they are nowhere close to what the children in our community need and deserve. They are inaccessible for children with mobility issues or special needs. Size wise, it is very clear there just isn’t enough room to play!

Eastbrook school is home to close to 600 students, but the current playground cannot accommodate that number of children.
The planned playground will increase the size of the play structures three-fold and will create a play environment that takes into account the needs of all students and the adults they interact with. The goal to provide an inclusive play experience will be achieved by working with experts and consultants to ensure all students have a place on the play area - students with visual or auditory impairments, students living with autism or developmental challenges, those with mobility challenges and students who need an engaging and creative play environment.
Not only a school playground, Eastbrook has been a focal point in the community for the past 40 years. The school and playground are nestled in the heart of the East side of the City and service the many surrounding family centered residential areas. One of the 2 main large parks in the area, the new playground would become a gathering space for safe, constructive, positive play in the community.
With our vision of an inclusive and accessible playground, 100% of our school community will be able to access the project!
As for the community in the larger sense of the word; within the City of Brooks, the new playground would be the first of it's kind: universally accessible for both children and the adults they wish to play with and inclusive for those living with disabilities or developmental challenges. This would make it a desirable place for residents of the City to frequent with their family to play.

We are grateful to the Aviva Community Fund for providing the opportunity to share our story .Thank-you for every vote that you cast for our playground. Your support is truly appreciated.

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