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The Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Patient and Family Comfort and Celebration Rooms will offer a soothing space of comfort, care, and compassion within the walls of the hospital. They will be a retreat from the clinical environment of the hospital, intended to provide a “home away from home” for families – a refuge from the institutional environment of healthcare and into a space that affords many of the comforts of home.

The main purpose of the rooms will be to offer a shared, communal space for patients to get together with their families, friends, loved ones and other groups when they may not otherwise be able to do so because of their illness or extended hospital stay. We envision the rooms being used for patients in the Continuing Care, Medicine and Palliative Care Units, or by anyone else during an prolonged stay in our facilities.

Many patients and their families go through very trying times when staying in the hospital for an extended period, for any reason. During these times it can be very difficult to plan or attend family gatherings, as it is often not known whether or when a patient is going to be able to leave or be discharged. A chance for someone who has been ill for an long time to be able to experience a birthday, holiday celebration, or the birth or graduation of a grandchild with their loved ones can mean absolutely everything to them and their families. These rooms would provide a dedicated space to do this without having to leave the hospital, and may even provide a morale boost or a relief during times when they can be very badly needed!

The rooms would be a great addition to the community of Chatham-Kent as a whole. There is currently no space at CKHA for the ill or infirm to be able to go and be together with their family and members of the community to celebrate special occasions. The hospital has meeting spaces as most institutions do, but outside of some very unique circumstances they are not meant to be used for occasions like patient celebrations, and in fact are usually intended only to conduct hospital-related business. (Please go to to watch a video further explaining how this can affect patients and their families staying at the hospital, and view the images in this submission to get an idea of our current facilities, which, are essentially meeting rooms). The opportunity to bring family and community members together in a venue like this is therefore almost immeasurable, and its impact would be felt all over our community. After all, each and every one of us will need to deal with health issues, illnesses and other reasons for prolonged hospital stays at some point in our lives.

Patient and Family Comfort and Celebration Rooms would also include a kitchenette, TV and lounge area, and a respite area for napping. When not in use for celebrations and events like those discussed above, the space will be a communal gathering spot where patients and their caregivers could rest and relax.

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