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Description :

The Crisis Centre’s downstairs training room is a multifaceted space centered around building capacity of our communities by providing support, skills, and events for community members and organization volunteers. This room is the 'heart' of the Crisis Centre and provides space for core organizational needs as well as occasional respite from the tireless work we do every day. The space is essential in supporting our role in prevention, intervention, and postvention. It is used for things such as impactful suicide skills and response trainings, mindfulness and wellness workshops, bereavement support groups for those who have lost loved ones to suicide, social activities such as barbeques, appreciation nights, volunteer engagement events, and more. Our workshops and trainings are offered on a sliding scale - we do not turn people away and also subsidize attendance when needed, meaning that the space is open for anyone to use.

Annually, the room is used by about 1,920 community members to attend our various workshops and trainings; 970 current and potential volunteers for info nights, intake sessions, follow-ups, and in-service events; 200 volunteers and community members attending 4 yearly social events; and 60 attendees to our open-invite Annual General Meeting. Our volunteers are vibrant and compassionate members of our community who go through intensive training in order to provide comprehensive support for individuals in distress, and who go on to bring the skills they learn at the Centre with them into their communities which make them better for all of us together.

The figure below of 3,150 is only an estimation for a one-year timeframe, and does not include room use for staff meetings and other internal events which do not directly impact our community.
Despite being a small organization, we have a huge impact in our community; last year, we trained 1,794 community members and service providers from 210 different helping agencies who support individuals and families at risk. Our trainings have been recognized at the national level: our organization was on the Canadian Standards of Practice Committee, and our training materials were leveraged for the launch of the Canadian Suicide Prevention Service in November 2017 with our Executive Director Sandy Biggerstaff having sat on its Executive Committee. This is a recognition of our leadership role in our communities as well as beyond. We are resourceful and adaptable, able to extend the use of our technology beyond its normal end-of-life, and have very comprehensive technological infrastructure in place which helps us deliver our services to the community. However as a resourceful organization, it can be challenging to meet the need for our services and ensure their quality. We have recently begun hosting online webinars and remote conferences which can be difficult due to our training room's technological outfitting. We currently use a portable stereo as speakers, and the video quality that our current projector system offers is marginal and encounters frequent technical issues. We also rely on an analogue phone handset for conferencing. With this funding, we would purchase an A/V setup to enhance our ability to connect with our community, hold conference meetings and remote trainings with other local service providers, and improve the quality of on-site training and workshop delivery. If successful with this opportunity, the Crisis Centre would be thrilled to recognize the community voters as well as Aviva at the front of every presentation and training to showcase the work done in supporting our communities.

1. Video - $5,000:
-Laser projector
-Non-roll up high visibility screen

2. Meeting Setup - $1,100:
-Integrated 360* cam/speaker

3. Audio - $2,400:
-Ceiling mountable speakers
-Audio connection to host machine

4. Ambient light control - $1,500:
-Back window blinds

We thank all voters and the Aviva Community Fund for their consideration!

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