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The Massawippi Valley Foundation exists to support and promote Centre de santé de la vallée Massawippi (CSVM). CSVM is a cooperative health centre in Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec. It has been operating since 2015. It respects the Canada Health Act -- anyone who comes in the door can see a doctor. This community-owned, rural cooperative delivers health care close to home in a small, bilingual setting, with nurses who proactively counsel on preventing illness; this is a positive addition to the hospitals and Emergency Rooms available in urban settings. CSVM continuously develops programs aimed at empowering citizens with greater knowledge and capacity to self-manage their own health issues.
CSVM’s mission is health promotion and illness prevention. Few if any clinics in this area have these objectives as priorities. Space demands for our expanding operation need to be addressed by equipping two new examination/consultation rooms.
New members to the community can access a health clinic that serves the community where individuals and families become known. We offer a model of care based on continuity where individuals' names are known, and follow-up is carried out. It is with this sense of caring that new community members will feel supported. We are also a health resource when new arrivals are trying to understand how the health care system operates and how to access services in the secondary and tertiary hospitals.
The existence of CSVM is one more step in enhancing the health of this community. Municipalities invest in the health of their residents by providing parks, recreational facilities and quiet places such as libraries, environments that allow for exercise, play and reflection. However, these environments cannot guide individuals in obtaining a healthier lifestyle.
Our community is made up of family units and this aspect of their well-being is not currently addressed by any governmental agency. The health care system only aids once a disease, or an emergency has occurred. There is no incentive to keep the patient healthy.
CSVM encourages the community, whatever age, to become part of the clinic. Nurses are the ideal health professional to work with patients, as their mandate is not to treat and cure but to teach and support individuals in their current state of health. CSVM uses the skill of its nurses to their full potential; significant health issues and health behaviours are entered into our electronic medical files and nurses provide information, guidance and feedback to the patients on those critical issues so that health can be maintained or improved. More importantly, for any individual who wants help to modify his/her lifestyle, the nurse will act as a coach and a resource. We will have the ability to follow-up with patients individually and in a group setting.
CSVM believes strongly in assisting older individuals to remain in their homes if viably possible. Our staff at CSVM has a strong knowledge of geriatrics and is able to follow patients in their home with follow-up phone calls to ensure that the frail are managing. (We are developing a project for remote real-time healthcare monitoring at home.) We encourage entire families to use the clinic so that we can provide family care rather than the episodic and individual care that the current health care system delivers. Finally, we provide pediatric care thereby supporting young families and reducing the need to visit emergency rooms for simple health problems.
The need for local health services is reinforced by the fact that there is a higher proportion of seniors here than the Canadian average. Seniors use the health care system more frequently than a younger population. Equipping two new offices will allow other professionals to join the current team. Currently, our lack of space does not allow us to add other health professionals.

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