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BEEA Honey with Heart is a youth-led, social enterprise project that sees young participants (aged 12-17) becoming beekeepers and bringing communities together in an environmentally and socially positive way. The project has been underway for approximately 3 years now, and has successfully expanded into five different communities across the Halifax Regional Municipality, with a growing wait list of communities seeking to have their own BEEA site. We need your help to keep this exciting, dynamic, and important program going and expanding in to new communities across the HRM!

The concept of BEEA is relatively simple--youth participants manage beehives in their community, ensuring the well-being of the bees and the surrounding natural spaces, and educating their communities on the environmental importance of honey bees. Our young beekeepers host a full honey harvest and package their product for sale at local events and vendors.

Participants follow through the program and develop their skills as environmentalists, entrepreneurs, and leaders: they are engaged in protecting the environment by caring for bees; they learn skills of professional development in the entrepreneurial side of the social enterprise; and they lead their peers and greater communities in caring for local environments and coming together to make communities thrive.

We prioritize marginalized communities in any expansions of the BEEA project, looking toward communities in the HRM that are affected by high unemployment rates, single-parent led families, low education attainment, and a high concentration of residents living below the poverty line. BEEA provides an opportunity for the youth living in these communities to develop life skills, receive career development opportunities, and build self-confidence - all of which contributes to the enhancement of good mental health and helps to break the cycle of crime, violence, and poverty.

We truly believe that communities exist better together because of the BEEA Honey with Heart program - we see it every day! Every young person involved in the program becomes an embodiment of community pride - they see the potential of their own communities and the vibrancy that already exists all around them, and are able to change the narrative that may exist surrounding their own community by making it a visibly vibrant, inclusive, and fun place to live.

We need YOUR support to keep this amazing program going! By voting for BEEA Honey with Heart, you place a vote for a program that:
- empowers young people to become role models for their peers and leaders in their community,
- instills values of hard work and giving back to the community,
- educates youth and community members on environmental self-sustainability and self-reliance,
- brings communities together for the better

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Emplacement : Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada