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Description :

Wawel Villa would like to present an opportunity for Seniors in our community to explore and enjoy the beauty and culture of the country we live in. Focusing on Seniors with disabilities, providing supervised, caring and safe environment. Project will consist of organized trips allowing disadvantaged Seniors to socialize and share their experiences while exploring our Canada.
Organized excursions for Seniors in our community with special focus on Seniors with disabilities, mobility limitations and low income. Monthly trips that would enable Seniors to get together, socialize and enjoy the many wonderful locations around the area. Locations otherwise not accessible due to physical barriers, mobility restrictions or cost. Wawel Villa is committed to provide care and assistance to Seniors. With help of trained and specialized transpiration service we hope to turn disability into mobility.
With the financial assistance we believe we can enhance lives of our seniors. As a retirement residence with over 80 residents whose average age reached 90 years old we see the need to allow for the seniors in the community to enjoy the arts and culture as well as surrounding parks and recreational centres. With the additional funding we wan provide accessible transportation to events, venues and parks. Some of the destinations would include but not be limited to: Mississauga Living Arts Centre, Royal botanical Gardens, Niagara Falls, Bradley Museum , Local Farms.

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Wawel Villa Incorporated

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