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Essex District High School is a community school in Essex, Ontario. In 2014, historic EDHS was demolished and rebuilt as a brand-new, beautiful building. Our state of the art track and field complex and football field is a cornerstone of our community and is used by our 900 students for sporting events, pep-rallies and school events, as well as the 1000+ students in or surrounding elementary schools for their school track and field days, along with county and regional meets. It is also shared with community groups that use it for other sporting events.

Unfortunately, our bleachers were old and became unsafe. They were taken down in 2016 and we have not yet been able to raise enough funds to replace them. Students and staff have done several fundraisers for this cause. Teachers have kissed cows, raced around the track dressed in costumes on scooters, we've had several hat days and other special events, geared towards raising money for the bleachers. So far we have raised $35000 and need roughly $100000 more to make this dream a reality.

New grandstand bleachers will have a tremendous impact on school spirit, and within the community. Essex is a small town in the hub of Essex County, and our sports complex is the heart. We are known for spirited fans, and as a positive and active community.

Many of our school pep rallies used to be held outside at the field. The chants and cheers and rumbling of the bleachers could be heard throughout the town. Much of or student body, and many parents and community members would commune on the grandstand to cheer on the Red Raider Football team. This lively environment was exciting for the players and was a fun social experience for others. Our homecoming celebration boasts an exciting football match, half time show prepared by students, hospitality tent and live band. Without bleachers, the event has been very difficult to host.

In the spring, we host track meets for our local feeder schools. Hundreds of parents and grandparents come to cheer on their children. Again, we need a place for them to sit, as well as for the athletes to take a break and cheer on their teammates.

The impact of new bleachers will transcend and continue to bring people in our community together for years to come. We've elicited student voice, by having our technology students submit blueprints and design ideas. Our students, staff, and community members are very passionate about this project. We know how lucky we are to have such a beautiful school with great athletic facilities, and we will put this grandstand to great use.

Our community recognizes the value of this competition, not just for the opportunity to ask for monetary support, but also to foster community and school spirit. One of our feeder schools was the recipient of an AVIVA grant in 2009, and the effect the contest had on our community was inspiring. This contest delivers an opportunity to bring people together through hope and shared excitement, and encourages comradery within the school, town and surrounding area. We are very grateful for the opportunity to participate. Let's do this!

Essex District High School - Greater Essex County District School Board

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