Bien-être communautaire

Niveau de financement : jusqu'à 50 000 $

Description :

The project being considered was born out of the need for more community rinks and aging infrastructure. The model is being built in a big way from an initiative shown by, Trent Kenyon and the good folks of Kingman Alberta to build a rink for their community. The project aims to create a minimum of 10 ice rink facilities in Northern Alberta (Red Deer and North) in which the Rink of Dreams Project formed within the United Sport Development Society of Alberta will provide a personalized “menu” for development and a minimum of 50k in goods, services, cash, and kind. Each community must provide a case and show how they meet the winning requirements put forth and how the facility will encourage community development, show social impact, and provide value to a minimum of 3 generations for 12 months of the year. Facilities must also show greater value and impact to the community than solely a skating rink. The financial range being considered is for projects from $100,000 to $2,000,000 on average depending on needs, wants, and capacity of the community. The project being submitted for the Aviva Community Fund will be for the Goodfish Lake Reserve, which is the Community of Champions that has met our specified “winning conditions.” The money will be used to purchase the necessary supplies for the rink boards and supporting products.

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United Sport Development Society of Alberta

Emplacement : Goodfish Lake