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Niveau de financement : jusqu'à 50 000 $

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The Farm & Market in Clarenville Background:

The non-profit Farm and Market in Clarenville, NL is a seasonal educational growing farm and vendor market, consisting of a greenhouse, raised growing beds, a traditional Newfoundland root cellar and 35+ vendor booths offering fresh, local produce, flowers, prepared foods, and handcrafted items. The Farm and Market hosts a wide range of family educational and nutritional programs, live entertainment, community service and non-profit booths, master gardener consultations, youth activities, and food demos. Currently, we utilize a large, heavy-duty tent to house our vendors, community members, and tourists on our market days


Our idea consists of building upon a successful first year of operation by establishing two permanent infrastructure improvements to the Farm and Market in our second year. The infrastructure improvements consist of a permanent 3,500 sq. ft. 8-bay modular farmer's market building which includes operable roll-up garage doors and weather protective roofing over our performance stage, along with an outdoor unisex washroom designed to fit the style of the Farm and Market.

The wooden structure will house ample room for storage, heat/light, and plenty of window space which would increase the overall aesthetic of the market. The protective roofing over our performance space would allow community members and tourists to relax outside while enjoying live performances, foods, and a view of the farm even on rainy days!

The permanent structure will be located on the same concrete platform as the temporary tent and performance stage. The permanent structure will also be designed so that civic and non-profit events can be hosted inside the space. It is our goal to deliver a modern facility in which our vendors, tourists, and the overall community can enjoy all that the Farm and Market has to offer, while also allowing us to incorporate new and exciting community activities and events, educational experiences, and social enterprise initiatives.

The aforementioned additions will provide the permanency required to:

o Increase the Farm and Market's capacity to offer fun-filled events, along with educational, community initiatives with a focus on providing healthy living programs.

o Extend the selling season and reduce the risk from the elements of rain, wind, snow, and cold temperatures.

o Allow dedicated vendors (farmers, artists, non-profits, etc.) to keep their displays in place throughout the week thereby attracting more visitors/tourists and increased sales for the Farm and Market, and by extension, the community and surrounding area.

o Allow for more outdoor performances and exercise events during rain/snow days improving the Farm and Market experience.

With successful funding we will be able to expand the Farm and Market in Clarenville with these permanent improvements prior to the 2018 market season beginning in June.

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The Farm & Market in Clarenville

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