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Niveau de financement : de 50 000 à 100 000 $

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Depave Paradise engages volunteers in communities across Canada to tear up areas of unused pavement by hand, and replace them with green spaces that absorb and filter rainwater, reducing runoff and runoff pollution. This exciting initiative provides individuals and neighbourhoods with practical solutions to reduce flooding and deal with urban runoff and is popular with local decision makers, the media, volunteers, and the wider community.

With support from the Aviva Community Fund and local community partners, we will depave 6 high-profile sites of unused pavement in 6 communities. These communities could include Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, Peterborough, Kingston, York Region, Collingwood, and other locations in Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia. At these six sites we will remove at least 600m2 of asphalt and replace it with green space, resulting in 900m3 of polluted stormwater runoff being kept out of waterways annually. We will engage at least 300 volunteers through these events.

Conventional stormwater management infrastructure was not designed to accommodate today’s storms, and is failing to keep up with the increased runoff volumes due to climate change and urbanization. This contributes to repeated flooding and polluted waterways. Residents who experience flooded streets and basements feel helpless and municipalities are being pressured to act quickly.

Beyond its immediate function in reducing polluted stormwater runoff, depaving creates pollinator-friendly spaces and visually-pleasing neighbourhoods, reduces air pollution, and brings communities together to implement simple, sustainable solutions to a collective problem. Depaving is positive, empowering, mobilizing, inclusive and addictive. People of all ages, ethnicities and abilities pitch in to make their neighbourhoods more flood resilient and are inspired to depave more areas and undertake other infiltration landscaping projects in their neighbourhoods.

Organizing depaving events is a labour-intensive process. Green Communities Canada provides extensive training to local partner staff in planning and organizing events, logistics, and health and safety. We also provide individual troubleshooting, project planning tools, and conduct public communications. Although most of the depaving and planting work is done by volunteers, dedicated staff of local environmental NGOs locate potential depaving sites, assess their suitability by testing soil and verifying infiltration rates, seek permissions, seek matching funds and donations, coordinate heavy machinery to break the asphalt and bins to take it away, organize volunteer workbees, procure health and safety equipment, and publicly communicate about the local projects.

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