Développement communautaire

Niveau de financement : jusqu'à 50 000 $

Description :

A buffet-style eatery lunch program called ‘Bullwinkle’s’ will be held at the Moose Family Centre every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:45-1:30. The program will double as a culinary and hospitality teaching program for anyone in the community to participate in. This program will provide unemployed and unskilled people with cooking skills and will be taught by trained chefs. The participant-run program will promote healthy diet choices and teach people all of the aspects of running a restaurant, life skills and employment readiness. To aid in teaching the programs, local chefs will be invited to share their insight on running a successful restaurant thus also creating opportunity to cultivate the trainees for future employment with in their establishments.
The hope is that by creating an inclusive environment for people in any type of social standing to share a conversation and a meal will break down barriers between social classes. Every customer pays for their meal on a pay-what-you-can scale $1-$7. The team is taking an integrative approach by opening Bullwinkle’s to anyone in the community and creating an environment where people can share the experience. In the end, a new sense of community will be felt throughout Woodstock.

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