Fredericton SPCA Animal Wellness Center

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    165 Hilton Road, Fredericton NB

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    le 4 octobre, 2011


    Gros budget (100 000 $ à 150 000 $)


**The Problem:** Each year the Fredericton SPCA takes in over 1,300 stray, neglected or abandoned animals and provides them with care, shelter and adoption opportunities. Our shelter is designed to hold 50 cats and 14 dogs at any one time and we are maxed to our capacity 365 days of the year. Most days you’ll find cats in temporary dog crates stacked in the hallways and another 20 or more cats in foster homes, waiting for their chance to return to the shelter for adoption into a forever home. Daily, our phones ring off the hook with the public begging us to help them with litters of kittens that are abandoned, dogs running at large, animals that they can no longer afford, senior citizens having to surrender their beloved pets to us because they have to move to a retirement facility. Because we don’t have the adequate facilities and resources we must turn animals away. Every day we hear stories of people mistreating animals. The links between cruelty to animals, youth bullying and family violence have been well established and cases of animal cruelty are recognized as serious far reaching community issues. The solution to the problems that we see every day in the shelter is humane education; it is about educating the youth and future leaders of today for a better tomorrow. We don’t have the sufficient space in our current facility to take in all the animals that our community asks us to or to implement programs necessary to increase adoptions and prevent animals from being surrendered to the shelter. The Fredericton SPCA needs more space to provide shelter for animals in need, space to provide training and behaviour programs to help shelter animals have successful adoptions, space to provide training courses and support to pet owners to prevent the need to surrender pets to the shelter, and space to provide youth focused humane education programs to prevent further abuse, neglect and abandonment of animals in our community. **Our Solution:** If our Aviva Community Fund idea is chosen we will use the much-needed funds towards our dream of creating the FSPCA Animal Wellness center; a one-shop stop grouping services and programs dedicated to animal welfare and wellness in one location. The first thing we will do is attain additional facility space on our property to carry out our education and outreach programming allowing us to: 1. Renovate our existing shelter to meet the demands of our community by providing space to house additional animals. 2. Provide proactive, innovative youth-focused humane education programs including: summer camps, after school programs, birthday parties, facility tours, junior volunteer programs and programs for youth at risk. 3. Provide training facility space for obedience and behaviour modification programs to help the animals we shelter become successfully adopted. Enable us to provide support to our community; helping to keep pets in loving homes and reducing the need for pets to be surrendered to the shelter. **Community Impact:** We can prevent this: - A young, scared dog left tied to a lamppost in a city parking lot - A mom and kittens left in a cardboard box on a city walking trail - Cats left abandoned in empty apartments - Dogs chained and forgotten with collars embedded into their skin - A litter of puppies left in a plastic bin in a city park.... 1. With this new facility we will expand our humane education programs and increase our ability to engage local youth with lessons in responsible pet care, kindness, empathy and compassion. We will encourage youth to become involved in their community and help us help animals. 2. Increase our ability to provide excellent care to our animals and assistance to our local community with additional facility space allowing us to offer onsite veterinary care. 3. Increase the number of successful adoptions by increasing our ability to provide training and behaviour modification programs to shelter animals. Reduce the number of pets surrendered to the shelter because we will be able to provide more support to local pet owners to help keep pets in caring homes. **Who we are:** The Fredericton SPCA is a not-for-profit organization that has existed in this region for more than 97 years. We are committed to providing temporary shelter, care and adoption opportunities to every animal we shelter. “Speaking Up For Animals” is our slogan at the Fredericton SPCA. It’s what we do everyday when we help abandoned and neglected animals. It’s what our staff and volunteers do everyday when they educate the public about animal cruelty and abuse. It’s what we will continue to do everyday. **Our Vision:** Proactive education and community-outreach services dedicated to animal welfare. **Our Mandate:** The Fredericton SPCA positively impacts animal welfare by: Advocating and promoting humane, responsible, animal guardianship; and Providing temporary shelter, care and adoption opportunities.