Saint Charles Skating/Hockey Outdoor Rink

  • Soumise par :

    Susan Daigle


    Saint Charles Recreational Council


    1193-1195 Chemin Saint Charles Sud, Saint-Charles, NB E4W 4Y1, Canada

  • Idée créée le:

    le 4 octobre, 2011


    Moyen budget (50 000 $ à 100 000 $)


We are very fortunate to have an outdoor skating rink that was built approx. 15 years ago, but with time things get old and run down. We would like to give our rink a facelift. The existing boards and main posts are rotten from the weather and use. They would all need replacing and thats a costly item for a small community to pay for. We do fundraising for the everyday expenses all year long and we just manage. We have many families from all the surrounding communities that use our rink as is and support our family orientated rink, a place where mom & dad, kids and grandparents can all enjoy a good skate or a good game of pickup hockey. Read our Newspaper article: We are not supported by the local insurance group, we have been Broker Supported for this contest only.